"I will only make music in Utrecht from now on" Johannes Brahms, 1884


Johannes Brahms was born on 7 may 1833 in Hamburg. Brahms came from a humble family. His father, Johann Jacob, was a versatile musician, who played the French horn as well as double bass. His mother was a dressmaker.

In 1857 Brahms accepted the position of choral conductor in Detmold, where the habits and etiquette were old-fashioned and very last century. Although Brahms looked presentable he often behaved sociably careless and therefore he was not suitable for the strict rules of the Court. In Detmold he was made familiar with Germany's true heritage, the awe-inspiring figures who had made Germany's culture into what it was in the times of Bach and Handel and even though before that.

Brahms became a mature artist in Vienna and added large symphonic works to his already extensive body of work in the field of Chamber music.

He was widely renowned as a pianist, accompanist and conductor and went on tours to Russia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England and Germany. He was also a doctor honoris causa at the Cambridge and Breslau university.

Brahms stayed here in this House in 1876.